Meet The EO Genius

Make your destination even more desirable with the EO genius, Smart Electric vehicle charger

  • No Upfront financial costs for installations like other providers
  • Offer Free charging to attract drivers & increase footfall
  • Monetise your Charging points, providing a great service
  • Set a small usage fee to cover the cost of charge points
  • Appear in top leisure booking search engines
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Hospitality & Destination Charging

Hospitality & Destination Charging

Generate a new footfall of customers by keeping ahead of the curve…

Business Charging

Workplace Charging

Provide an innovative incentive for you employees and make EV charging work for…

Home Charging

Home Charging

Meet our eco friendly Zappi…

We Are Compatible

Compatible with manufacturers using Type 1 or Type 2 chargers including...

Why Connekt EV Charging?

Connekt EV Charging is an electric vehicle charging business in Scotland with big plans to help our country embrace the EV revolution. Connekt's core values ensure that the customers needs and requirements are at the forefront in every discussion that is had.

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